Faculty of Education (FIP)

FIP produces teachers and education personnel in various levels of education (undergraduate, graduate, and Professional Education) in the fields of Educational Administration, Guidance and Counselling, Informal Education, Special Education, Education Curriculum and Technology, Primary School Teacher Education, Early-Childhood Teacher Education and Psychology.


Faculty of Language and Art (FBS)

FBS conducts guidance and development of human resources in education and non-education disciplines in the fields of language, literature, and art to produce graduates in various levels of education (Three-Year-Diploma, undergraduate, and graduate). The fields of science which were developed include Indonesian Language and Literature Education & Indonesian Language and Literature, English Language Education & English Language and Literature, Japanese Language Education, Local Languages Education, Dance and Music Education, Fine Arts Education, Visual Communication Design, Information Science, and Library & Archives.


Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences (FMIPA)

FMIPA conducts guidance and development of human resources in the field of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) in education and non-education disciplines in various levels of education (Three-Year-Diploma, undergraduate, and graduate) as well as the needed of various types and levels of education and also industrial world. The fields of sciences which were developed include Mathematics Education & Mathematics, Physics Education & Physics, Chemistry Education & Chemistry, Biology Education & Biology, and Statistics.


Faculty of Social Science (FIS)

FIS organizes human resource development in the field of Social Sciences Education for various types and levels of education, and for various types of expertise. The fields of study offered include History Education, Geography Education & Geography, Pancasila Education and Citizenship, Sociology Education, Public Administration Management, and State Administration.


Faculty of Engineering (FT)

FT educates and develops professional technology, vocational education personnel, technical professionals in the level of Three-Year-Diploma, Four-Year-Diploma, undergraduate, and graduate. The fields of study offered include Electrical Engineering Education, Electronic Engineering Education, Automotive Engineering Education, Mechanical Engineering Education, Civil Engineering Education, and pure sciences study such as Mining, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer and Network Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Chief Information Officer.


Faculty of Sport Science (FIK)

FIK develops graduates to become educators in the field of professional training and sports and to become trainers of sports. Fields of science offered include Sports Education, Coaching Education, Sports Science, Physical Education and Recreation.


Faculty of Economics (FE)

FE develops human resources in the fields of education and pure science of economics and business in various levels of education (Three-Year-Diploma, undergraduate, and graduate). Educational study programs include: Economic and Cooperative Education, Accounting Education, while the pure science include: Accounting and Management.


Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality (FPP)

FPP develops teaching staff in the fields of Family Welfare Education, Islamic Education, Tataboga Education, and Beauty. There are also the field of pure science which were offered namely Hospitality Management, Catering, Fashion Design, Beauty-Makeup.



Postgraduate is an institution that develops human resources across disciplines at the master and doctoral levels. Fields of science which were offered are Environmental Sciences, Educational Sciences, Arts and Culture Education, and etc.